Automatic UVC Sanitizer 

Automatic Cleaning 

Effective Disinfection  

Easy To Use  


Effective UVC Cleaning 

Two UVC LEDs deliver irradiation to a target surface and quickly eliminate germs and viruses.

Safe and healthy 24/7


Eliminate 99% of infectious agents 


Quick and efficient sanitizing 


UVsoap senses the presence of a user, and after the user leaves, UVsoap turns on and cleans the target surface automatically. 

Sanitize any common surfaces after each use

Operate safely

Builtin IR sensor 


Works Anywhere

Wearing gloves everyday is impractical and carry a hand sanitizer bottle everywhere is a hassle. UVsoap makes sure that doorknobs, payment terminals,  faucets, and the places people touch frequently are clean after each use. 

Sanitize a doorknob 
Clean a water faucet 
Disinfect any surface

Easy To Install And Operate 

 UVC Iluminators

Wide angle UVC coverage that cleans a large surface area. Multiple UVsoaps can be placed together to form a web of sanitizing for different  surfaces.


Three AA batteries enables UVsoap placement in many places without the need of a wire cord. The regulated UVC treatment ensures a long operation time. 

Safety Sensor

Deactive the UVC in the presence of a user. This ensures that the UVC will not be exposed to a user. The sensor activates the UVC after each use. 

Suction Cup

Easy installation on a variety of surfaces. A versatile cleaning machine that fits in various situations where we need UVsoap the most. 


Stay Open and Healthy 

Stop germs from turning the world upside down with simple preventative measures. Disinfect any commonly used surfaces wit UVsoap. It turns on automatically after a surface is used. Each cleaning session renders the surface clean and ready for the next user. 



Doorknobs are the most common things touched. We touch doorknobs everyday and everywhere there is a door. UVsoap ensures that germs stay away and clean a doorknob after each use. 



Airport faucets are usually automatic, so infection agents cannot spread among travelers through touching a commonly used surface. UVsoap upgrades a regular faucet and provides a level of protection to all visitors. 


The phone is one of the dirtiest personal items. Millions of germs stay on the surface. Clean phones or any other item at a UVsoap station. 


Sanitize anything that has a high use frequency. Keep the infectious agents at bay with UVsoap. 

UVC Irradiation Targeting

Effective elimination of germs and viruses 
Clean Bubbles

Two UVC LED Illuminators

Quick and accurate cleaning on a designated surface


Model                                             NS-100

UVC Wavelength                    270 ~ 280 nm 

Power & Angle  

20MW  / 120°




3 AA 

Size and Weight                     1.4 x 1.4 x 3.5 in. / 3.6 x 3.6 x 9 cm

                                                            3.8 oz / 110 g

Disinfection time                       60, 90, or 120 seconds



Two Units

Two Units

Four Units

Four Units


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